Proven and cost effective measures

Nutrition Unlimited provides corporate wellness through nutrition and diabetes workshops and customized face to face or virtual consultations at the work site. Health improvement and the effect of lowering health care costs are just a few of the major benefits.

Our team of experienced registered dietitians (RDs) and certified diabetes educators (CDEs) can provide your employees with nutrition counseling and diabetes education at no cost (depending on insurance provider). Our evidenced based wellness programs led by RDs and CDEs are designed to provide employers with a complete system to help drive lower health care costs, decrease sick days and improve worker productivity and morale.

Some of our services include

Worksite nutrition/diabetes workshops

  • Individual/Group Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Individual Diabetes Education
  • Comprehensive Diabetes Education Program
  • Diabetes Support Group
  • Interactive Nutrition Workshops

Some Sample Workshops Include:

Eat your way to a healthy life 6 series comprehensive nutrition series
Cold Busters: Nutrition to Boost your Immune System Proven strategies to prevent the cold/flu
Foods that boost immunity
Gluten Free, What’s all the buzz about? Gluten Free Diet: Benefits/risks, guidelines, meals
Tame Your Take Out Local restaurants with healthy choices
Healthy food truck choices
Healthy selections for varying ethnic cuisines
Practice making healthy selections from restaurant menus
Cultural Healthy Holiday Eating Healthy Holiday foods (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu)
Avoiding pitfalls in balanced eating during holidays.
Healthy Eating for aging parents Balanced/appealing meals/recipes for aging parents.
Healthy Tailgating, Football Sunday and March Madness Snacking
Healthy recipes for tailgating/easy to prepare meals for game days/parties
Dietary Guidelines Series 1. Enjoy healthy food that tastes good.
2. Quick, healthy meals and snacks.
3. Eating healthy on a budget.
4. Tips for losing weight and keeping it off.
5. Making healthy eating part of your total lifestyle.
6. Physical activity is the key to living well.
Corporate Wellness Process

We develop bespoke solutions for you and your employees and monitor results until goals are achieved.

Why should you consider Nutrition Unlimited for your Corporate Wellness plan?

We have proven methods evidenced by our statistical data reporting that produce the following:

  • Healthier, more productive working employees
  • Lower stress levels
  • Lower turnover / higher employee retention rates
  • Fewer sick days
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Protection of a company’s greatest asset – the employee
  • Higher self-esteem and a greater team-building mentality
  • Increased energy and vitality in the workplace
  • A more optimistic, positive attitude
  • A greater eagerness to succeed and lead, along with the energy to do so

For more information about our specific programs, please call our office at (267) 239-5637. If you are someone we are already working with, you can always schedule an appointment below.